Saturday, February 5, 2011


After having lunch at a "Nasi Padang" restaurant the day before, we wanted to try something different so we settled for authentic Indonesian food as suggested by the sign board. Based on the name Fatimahwati Fried Chicken, fried chicken should be the main dish but it was not.

mix and match

As we were not sure how to choose the food, we simply picked the set meal which consisted of rice, squid, tofu, fried mushroom in banana leaf, and vegetables like carrot and cucumber. Suhaizie took extra food of "bergedil" and fried "paru". In a way, the lunch was real dry, there was no gravy or soup at all but it was tasty, so it was okay. I love the grilled squid the most.

The restaurant was special because of its decor. They had Japanese tables where there were no chairs so you had to sit on the floor. However, there was a compartment under each table for us to hang our feet. Therefore, we could not sit gross-legged like how traditional Malays use to do while having our meals but we were actually sitting like at ordinary dining table. One bad point, even though the restaurant was air-c0nditioned, people were smoking freely here.

We found one same restaurant later at Batam Central. I wonder whether they have a franchised one in Malaysia.