Friday, February 4, 2011


2nd FEBRUARY: Suhaizie and I were ready to explore more of Batam (read: shopping) the next morning. We walked to a place called Pasar Jodoh, hoping for good bargain. It was a long walk and we even went through a wet market, only to discover later that Pasar Jodoh was more like a night market in Malaysia. There were variety of items on sale, mostly vegetables and local products and the rest would be something similar to UK car boot sale, except there were no cars.

There were a lot of people and the problem was that there were not only people, but there were also motorcycles moving in the street among the people. If you think you are going to Batam to get away from the crazy city, don't go to Pasar Jodoh because you will get more stressed. I was even more thankful to live in Malaysia when I was there.

I am not sure what this building is but it looked antique and majestic

Then we walked to a modern and orderly shopping mall called DC Mall. As we looked like tourists, we were honked non-stop by both the taxi drivers and ojek - taxi drivers on motorcycles. This was also making life more stressful. They seemed to be desperate to get passengers that they kept honking and the ojek riders would be asking you by the roadside every time you walked past them.

enough of Christmas tree, now posing under a cherry blossom

After checking out at the hotel, we still had some more time to kill. First, we went again to Nagoya Hill, the same shopping complex we went to last night to see if there were things that we could buy and ended up having lunch there.

With about two more hours before it was to board the ferry home, we then walked some more to Batam Central Mall and also Raya Mosque. We were blessed with good weather throughout the day that we could move around easily.

So I guess that was the end of our 2D1N trip to Batam Island, Indonesia. I really wanted to come here much earlier but could not do so as I could not find anyone interested. So thanks a lot Suhaizie for being interested to be my travelling partner and I guess we should start planning for our next trip soon,