Friday, February 11, 2011


This is the novel that has travelled with me to many (or a few, actually) countries for more than six month and I just finished reading it last week.

The theme: obsession. The storyline: (1) Kemal was about to get married to his fiancee, Sibel. (3) Kemal had an affair with his cousin, Fusun. (3) Kemal's engagement with Sibel was broken. (4) Fusun got married to Faridun. (5) Kemal, was heartbroken but could not accept the fact that Fusun was now someone else's wife. (6) Kemal was still attached with Fusun because he still befriended her parents and husband. (7) Kemal could not get over his obsession for Fusun - he even started stealing anything he could put his hand on objects that were related to Fusun. (8) Suddenly, Fusun and Faridun decided to get a divorce because of the unhappy marriage. (9) Good news, at last, Kemal and Fusun were back together again and they even planned to get married. (10) Alas, Fusun died in a car accident while she was driving recklessly with Kemal by his side. (11) The best thing that Kemal could do was now to put together all the things that he had stolen earlier and collected later that could remind him of his beloved under one roof - a museum. (12) Kemal also went the extra mile to get someone wrote his story to be published, and the chosen writer was Orhan Parmuk.

That was it. I was very determined to finish reading this novel even though it was a painstaking task. It was just too slow, perhaps to emphasize how obsessed the character was with the love of his wife. Talking about Shakespearean tragedy, or the love between Shah Jahan and his Mumtaz - except that it all happened in Istanbul, Turkey. And what a relief to finish reading it, although I must admit that it was sad to know that the hero was not reunited with the one he loved.