Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I was supposed to go back to Johor Bahru from Kuala Lumpur by taking the 5:00 0'clock bus. I would prefer taking the train but the ticket was sold out. That was an executive coach, the ticket was more expensive but I didn't mind because I could board the bus from the old KTM station so I did not have to go to Bukit Jalil.

Unfortunately thing did not go according to plan. That day was the last day of Chinese New Year's break so everybody was going back home at the same time. The highway was badly congested so the bus (JB-KL-JB route) could not arrive on time. Consequently, my bus was delayed until 8:00 p.m.

At this time I could see people started "attacking" the staff at the counter. Some people were just insensible and could not digest simple thing: traffic jam - no bus - please wait. I could not stand the scene any longer and went somewhere else instead. Pity the staff, it was not their fault after all and yet they were bombarded with nasty and arrogant remarks.

Nevertheless, as I was about to board my bus at almost 8 p.m. another drama was unfold. The fight at the counter was now brought outside. A group of tourists from India was getting very unhappy with the delay and a few people were now shouting at each other at the bus door. Soon, the shouting grew louder, drawing a large crowd to witness the drama. At that time, there were three company staff and two tourists already going at their highest pith their voices could reach and thing looked like it was going out of control. I guess if a policeman did not arrive at the scene on time, there would people having real fight on the road. What a disappointment as that would be more interesting to see.

So, the moral of the story is please be patient - a value that we always try to implement in school. And, there is a simple thing called common sense. It does not matter whether you are a tourist, or very rich, or very clever - but there are things that only God knows will happen and who are we to make them happen according to our whims and fancies?

So in the end, I safely arrived home, at 1:30 a.m. There was heavy traffic on the road but lucky me, it was smooth moving. Enough of the drama for the day. And there was a lesson learned in the end.