Monday, February 7, 2011


This gathering was held mainly to welcome two friends who came back to Malaysia from abroad, one for real and the other one for a short break. The restaurant chosen was the same one where he had the recent meeting - "Delicious" at Mid Valley Mega Mall.

People started arriving as early as 10:00 a.m. and we told the waitresses to expect us to stay there for hours, at least until 3 p.m. Food was ordered and gossips were exchanged and we conquered the place - suddenly the place became extra-lively but we did not disturb anyone for sure because the place was still packed with visitors.

There were also children, wife and husband tagging along. As expected, the gathering was dragged until 2 when someone's husband arrived for lunch. Since the table had been cleared (hint! hint!) and to avoid endless stares from the waiters and waitresses, we decided to hop to another restaurant.

We then moved to "Little Penang" which was just nearby. Only Faizam was eating while the rest of us just ordered ABC, cincau, cendol, etc.

So after 5 hours of eating, drinking, talking and taking photographs inside and outside two restaurants, it was time to say "goodbye". It seemed there would be more gathering being organized soon, as early as next week, pot luck style but I don't think I could be there.

Thanks a lot to all my friends for the jolly good time: (1) Mr. Ridwan Abd. Wahid (2) Pn. Hayati Ismail (and the husband, Mr. Faizam) (3) Pn. Rozida Mohd. Ramli (4) Pn. Maslinda Dahalan (5) Mr. Ismasnizam J. Azyze and the wife (6) Pn. Hazlina Aziz (7) Pn. Salmiah Mohd. Ghazali (and her three children) (8) Mr. Shazreen Shah (and his wife and Adam) (9) Pn. Maizurfidar Anom Abdullah (10) Pn. Norhasni Yaacob and that was all? I thought there were more than that. Hopefully we could meet again some other time.