Friday, February 11, 2011


This is the old Kuala Lumpur train station. I was familiar with this place as I used to take the train during my university days. At that time, KL Sentral still was not yet in existence. It was kind of nostalgic thinking of the good old days. The station is now mainly used as the terminal for the commuter.

And then, I discovered that there was a museum as I was walking around the place. As expected, all the displays here were things related to KTMB (The Malayan Railway Company) and its history. So I spent some of my time here while waiting for my rescheduled bus.

I still remember there was a time if you buy a third class train ticket then you would get a seat that would not be fixed with any seating number. So if there were many people, then you had to fight for your seat. Once, I was going back to Kuala Lumpur and unluckily it was one of the peak seasons or public holidays. A a result, I had to stand all the way from Johor Bahru until Gemas which took long, long hours. With no air-conditioning and very bad lighting, it was definitely one of the moments that I would never ever forget.

Now that many changes have been done to the train service, I could see that it is much better than the past. However, many things still need to be done to upgrade the service. For example, the online ticketing has not been functioning for I think about 3-4 months and it remains just like that up until now. The KTMB officers need to be very strict on certain issue like smoking. There are people who smoke outside the coach but with the door reopening and reclosing all the time, the smoke gets into the train. So the innocent passengers will be the victims as we have to inhale the cigarettes smoke that is trapped inside the air-conditioned compartment throughout the journey.

I am hoping for the fast train service from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in the future. At least, there could one better option for everyone.