Thursday, February 3, 2011


The room was booked via the internet. The factors that were considered were, first: affordability and; second: location. The rate was quite cheap i.e. RM50++ which was a definite yes for a budget traveller like us and it is located in the Nagoya, the shopping centre of Batam. With that kind of price, we did not expect much. I even thought there would be no television set in the room.

However, we found out later that not only the room equipped with a television, but it also provided cable channels like movie and cartoon networks. I would definitely recommend this place for backpackers who need more comfort for their stay. There are other cheaper hotels around though.

the steep stairs

One problem is the stairs which is very steep and high to climb. We were staying on the fourth floor and going back to the room was a hard task to accomplish. Definitely NOT a place for old people as there was no elevator at all.

the view from the hotel window

There are nearby restaurants around and the big shopping mall is just a walking distance away. There is a McDonald's outlet just across the road. One bad thing, perhaps, this hotel is at the same place where you could find massage parlours and karaoke bars so that might not be convenient to some people. This is Batam. You can find them in almost every nook and corner of the town so that would not make much difference.