Sunday, May 15, 2011


I was invited by Mr. Azhar to his new house in Taman Pulai Jaya for a tahlil just this morning. If only he could tell me earlier, then I should have brought along a more proper attire. But I could not say "no" to him as he used to be present when invited to my house. I could not go back home, I just hate the idea of traveling back and forth over a long distance. So that should explain why I was wearing the same shirt that I had worn the morning before that.

prayer recitation at the end of the tahlil

happy people waiting to eat

feasting and gossiping

a long lost friend, Mr. Shahril

with the host, Mr. Azhar

So thanks Mr. Azhar for the invitation. The day was started with a tahlil and ended also with another one, so let's hope for a blessed life throughout the day. By the way, do I look fatter already in all the pictures?