Monday, May 2, 2011


with the bride and bridegroom

enjoying the delicious feast

under the tent

taking a break after prayer at a nearby mosque

Pn. Intan, another teacher in-charge, an Ms. Rubiah, an ex-student

with the bridegroom's sister, Pn. Nooraini and her husband

striking a pose in school before going back home

The angklung group members were invited to perform during Puan Nooraini's brother's wedding. It was a good chance to expose them as well as to get something for the club's fund. Luckily, only three of them could not make it despite the fact that today was one of the days of the long weekends. The weather was good, the food was good. The boys looked happy but they still needed a lot of practice. Someone was asking for my phone number, hopefully we would have the opportunity to go to someone's wedding again.