Tuesday, May 24, 2011


21st May 2011 - Another get together for the UPM TESL class of '93 and this time we rocked the Royale Chulan in Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to the organizer for all the effort: Puan Rozana Sani and Puan Rozida Mohd. Ramli to get us back together again. We were also welcoming two friends who came home from Hawaii and Germany for their short holidays.

the early birds, spending our time wisely

a booked table, a place mat and there was a door gift this time

delicious, delicious food

There was no specific agenda. As people arrived, there lots and lots of handshakes and hugs. We simply took all the food available, sat at our table and ate and talked and laughed, and took photographs, a lot of them. And this process would repeat itself in a cyclical manner right until the waiter had no choice but to shoo us away at 4:00 p.m.

someone brought along her husband

... and someone his son

my BFF

few of the group photos taken

with all the men after one had left earlier

And if you wonder, why were there only a few men around, that was the way it was when we were in UPM - the ladies outnumbered the guys at the ratio of 1:12, approximately.

the ultimate group photo shoot at our favourite place - the stairs

We spent four hours there but it seemed so short. But not to worry, I am quite sure there will always be another gathering coming its way.

So thank to all these people who have made my day: (1) Zefri Yusof (2) Shazreen Mohd Shah (3) Fairuz Leman (4) Muzli Mohd Zain (5) Rozana Sani Abdullah Sani (6) Rozida Mohd Ramli (7) Aliza Alwi (8) Norhasni Yaacob (9) Hayati Ismail (10) Mariati Salleh (11) Sharifah Aishah Osman (12) Hanita Kassim (13) Marina Tamrin (14) Fauziah Abd Rahim (15) Maslinda Mohd Dahalan (16) Salmiah Mohd Ghazali (17) Suzanni Amin Leembruggen (18) Adila Ahmad (19) Hazlina Aziz (20) Siti Khadijah Bietz (21) Anita Abd Rahman (22) Zarina Ibrahim. So including me, there were 23 people who turned up this time, should be the merriest ever [excluding the one we had in Holiday Villa many, many years back]. I wonder whether we could have many more to come in the future get together.