Thursday, May 26, 2011


23rd May 2011 - I got excited when Mr. Zulfakrozi buzzed and told me that he was in JB. Another ex-schoolmate from SMS Muar, a classmate to be precise, the last time I met him should be way back in 1986. He could not make it for the reunion we had the day before so we decided to have our own mini reunion.

The time spent was too short so we hoped to see each other again some other time, especially if he is here in JB.

I guess one of these days I will write about my experience living in a boarding school for two years. I have found my lives there horrible but never did I expect so many people were sharing the same view. But for one thing, I am thankful to have some wonderful friends who had made the suffering bearable. So make sure you do not miss it.