Monday, May 23, 2011


I spent two days in Kuala Lumpur and attended two separate gatherings of two totally different groups. It was definitely double fun as I had the chance to see people whom I had not seen for many, many years especially in the second one. I will have no time to write about the gathering but for the time being, I also had a pleasant journey back home on the Nice Express Bus.

Unlike my previous experience boarding the bus operated by the same company, this was much much better. There were "in-flight" entertainment, better food served by the cabin staff and hot drinks served during the journey.

The ticket of course will cost you more but if you want to travel in comfort, this is one option that you can have. For one thing, you can board this bus from the old KTM railway station in KL which is really convenient.

And if you become a member, you can get big discount when buying the bus ticket, especially if you are travelling on weekdays. Hope this will be informative enough to those who keep hopping on and off the buses.

And the stories about my two gatherings will be posted soon. God please give me strength.