Tuesday, May 24, 2011


22 May 2011 - This was the very first attempt to get people from Budiman class of 1986 from Sekolah Menengah Sains Muar to be reunited. Again, thanks to Facebook as well as my friends' determination to search for long lost classmates. So the date and venue were booked and hopes were set high to see familiar faces not in cyberspace but in real life.

The early birds started the ball rolling

The guests started arriving at Holiday Villa in Subang Jaya at a slow rate. Then only I realized that how I had missed all my dear classmates so much. The last time I met a few of them was back in 1986. We are all too busy with our lives that we seldom have the chance to reminisce the old good (or bad) time. I found that majority did not change much, physically or in character despite the many years we were separated. But they were amused by the way I have grown taller. I have told you, when I was in school I was just a small sized kid.

the door gift from Mr. Shamsul Akmal

catching up lost time

We had about 5 hours to catch up lost time which was definitely not enough. This however calls for another similar event in the future, hoping to get more people to join in.

Thank you to those who have been working hard to organize this event directly. And thanks a lot to these people for coming to our first gathering ever: (1) Abdul Razak Sapian (2) Shamsul Akmal Shamsuddin (3) Caroline Koh (4) Noryazed Ahmad Jun (5) Rahim Jamian (6) Ahmad Fadilah Md. Aris (7) Halijah Othman (8) Radiah Othman (9) Hafizah Mohd Noor (10) Sapura Md Salehan (11) Siti Zubaidah Ramanoon (12) Mazhaazlinda Harun. We will meet again in the near future, for sure. This was just only the beginning.