Sunday, May 29, 2011


This is one of the 3 books of a box set that I got. The story is about the protagonist, Holly, whose husband died of a brain tumour. [I thought this kind of thing only happens in Malay dramas.] Being a loving husband, before his death, he had left holly notes which had to be opened each month. So Holly's life was in a way controlled by his late husband's instructions written in the notes. Holly's life, which was surrounded by her beloved friends and family members, was narrated and she was having the problem of overcoming the grief of her husband's death. Then, in the end, when she was ready to love again, with the man he had met, everything went wrong when he decided to get back to his ex-wife. Damn! (Pardon my language) Aren't we having enough suffering and devastation in life. I was expecting a happy ending.

I better start reading her second book now, hope there is a better future ahead for everybody.