Monday, May 16, 2011


It is already 2 years and I am officially a hardcore blogger. One good thing about this hobby is that I can put my writing skills into practice. I must admit that my writing style might not be impressive to some people but I love to make things simple. I really hope my students do read my blog rather than just looking at the pictures. And, I still have not explored the technical side of it - like how to change the layout or creating my own banner. I am too busy filling in the stories rather than upgrading the physical layout.

Here are some of the achievements after twoI years of blogging:

Followers: 130 people
Number of visitors: 38002 [up until now]
Adsense income: USD38.39
Nuffnang income: RM1.00

Happy birthday my blog. May we still be good friends for many more years to come.