Monday, April 8, 2013


After the batik and silver shops, we then stopped at an art gallery. At that time, we were the only visitors to be entertained by the owner of the place.

The place was large and the houses were filled with beautiful and colourful paintings of high quality. Unfortunately, the prices were just too high and not within my budget. We were also told the pieces were drawn by a well-known Balinese artist and were meant to be exported overseas. Even the prices were quoted in US dollars (so Western foreigners do not have trouble converting them).

By the way, people were not allowed to take pictures of the paintings. I guess that is to prevent plagiarism from happening. However, you are free to take photos of the premise and the surrounding area.

When I get (very) rich one day, I will sure come back to this place to buy a few paintings for my mansion at the ranch. Dream on....