Sunday, April 28, 2013


SATURDAY, 27th April ~ My name was suddenly in the list as one of the judges for district level Public Speaking Competition. The event was held in SMK Tanjung Adang, Johor Bahru - 40 kilometres away from home.

a contestant came with props

judges receiving souvenirs

the winners

I also managed to meet two old friends who are now teaching at SMK Tanjung Adang. Pn Zaharah is now the Head of Department while Puan Hajah Fatimah Hadi is now the Principal.

with Puan Zaharah Harun, an ex-SMKTUN teacher 
 who is now in Tanjung Adang

with Puan Hajah Fatimah Abd. Hadi,
another ex-SMKTUN teacher who is now 
the Principal of Tanjung Adang

Everything went well and I actually had enjoyed myself observing and evaluating the contestants from the chair of an adjudicator. But still, I don't mind if someone else is willing to take over that place next year.