Tuesday, April 2, 2013


A story of a church in a neighbourhood with a preacher who claimed himself to be a prophet and could perform miracle to heal certain sickness of people who were members of the congregation. Pastor Carson Chambliss had actually murdered two people before when he was trying to heal them in his church but as he had developed a cult following, he managed to get away with his evil deeds. He then killed another innocent child, Stump, who was a mute and one reason why he still performed a similar act was because the Pastor was having an affair with Stump's mother. In the end, when Stump's father found out what had happened, he shot the Pastor to death and he himself was then shot by the sheriff. The ending was very tragic indeed but the church and the town had resumed with their normal activities and no longer were there any weirdos looming in the vicinity.

*NOTE: started reading the book while waiting for the bus at larkin Terminal and finished reading when I was on the fourth day in Bali. The moral of the story: I have to travel more to read more books.