Tuesday, April 16, 2013


We took a boat and the person maneuvering first stopped at spot in the middle of the sea. We were then instructed to throw the pieces of bread into the ocean and watch the fish swimming for food. There were many other people on other boats doing just the same thing.

Then we sped off to our destination which was Turtle Island and the reason why we chose that place, you could figure it yourself. For one thing, the boat was moving at a VERY high speed and we were not given any life jackets to wear but we loved that kind of adventure.

There were actually many places for people to see turtles on the island. I thought the good ones were already filled with visitors and the boat could not be "parked" along the coastline. So we opted for the one at the end where there were just two or three boats. And according to our boat operator, "Everything is the same."

There were other animals that were exhibited, not just only turtles. You could see and touch iguana, bats, birds and "luwak" the fox. And I rejected the offer to see snakes. If you are brave, you can touch the animals like the iguana but the fox and bat seemed not to be that friendly.

The turtles that we saw were not the same species of what we have in Terengganu, the leatherback one. This place was not a sanctuary, it was more like a zoo as turtles were not bred there. And after having enough photos taken with the turtles, we had to say "goodbye" to them to continue our third day trip to other parts of the island.