Friday, April 5, 2013


27th March 2013 ~ We started the second day in Bali as early as 8:30 a.m. Our guide, Pak Dwi, straight away took us to this one place to watch a traditional Balinese theatre and dance called Barong. At first he was not sure whether the place was opened or not as it was "Galungan" day but to our relief, the show must go on.

entertaining the audience before the show

We were among the early birds. We had to wait for quite some time as more people were arriving and occupying the vacant seats. While waiting, three musicians entertained us by playing traditional Balinese musical instruments.

the musicians accompanying the dance theatre show

please ignore the couple behind me

Before the show started, we were given a piece of paper containing the synopsis of the whole dance production as everything seemed to be very foreign. Nevertheless, I found that the show would not be suitable for children as there were a few acts which I thought was a bit too vulgar unless I was getting the wrong message from the actors.

In the very last scene, there was a group of young men who were trying very hard to thrust themselves with sharp weapons, something like a hatchet. I at first thought the weapons were made of wood that people used in play productions but the guide told us they were real metal and these people were actually in trance. Just imagine what would happen if they managed to hurt themselves. Oh my, the place would be just a messy and bloody spot.

COMING UP NEXT: visiting a batik outlet.