Wednesday, April 10, 2013


young coffee beans

This was another must do for first time visitors to Bali - visiting a farm that produces coffee and other local agricultural products, something like an eco-tourism kind of thing.

Mr. Asrulnizam, my partner in crime this time round

cocoa fruit

coffee beans: before and after the cleaning process

frying the coffee beans in the hot pan

I am no candy crusher

the famous luwak

This was the "luwak" or the fox that ate the coffee beans and then, the hard beans which were not digested was collected in its poop. After that, the beans would be cleaned and processed and eventually, the tastiest coffee in the world was produced,

a selection of tea and coffee, for free

The major attraction of this place would be coffee and tea tasting session. You would be served with small glasses of tea and coffee and they were all free. The one that you had to pay for was the luwak coffee and of course we did not try it. My favourite were the coconut coffee and lemon grass tea with lemon. And I bought a packet each to bring home although they were actually quite expensive, but not as costly as the luwak coffee. 

nice to see, nice to hold

local fruits on sale

NEXT POSTING: Wandering along the mountain track.