Friday, April 12, 2013


We went to this place actually right after the art gallery but there were so many places that I could not really remember the correct sequence of events.


The first temple visited, or locally known as "pura", was Pura Tirtha Empul. The very first thing that visitors had to do was either to wear a sash around the waists or for a person wearing shorts, he had to wear a sarong with a sash. This was something that people do to show respect to the holy place.

After the entrance gate, there was a pool and people came here to perform the ritual of bathing in the holy water. There were many locals who came to the temple as  "Galungan" was celebrated on that day. They were seen bringing some sort of presentations for the deities and performing their prayer at the temple.

more people arriving

The place was quite small so we just spent a short time there. Outside the temple, there were these stalls and my advice would be: just walk and don't stop if you do not have the intention of buying. The vendors were quite aggressive here, especially towards prospective buyers from Malaysia.