Thursday, April 11, 2013


The next stop was Kintamani. It was a highland and visitors came here and they were expected to see Mount Batur, a still active volcano, and the Batur Lake which should be a picturesque view. As we were higher above the sea level, so the climate was cooler hence making this place one of the main producers of fruits (including strawberries) and vegetables.

We were a bit unfortunate as the weather was not that good. The mountain and the lake were visible initially but as it got cloudier and foggier, we couldn't see anything towards the end. It was even raining a bit so we had to move from the open eating area into the gazebo.

We were sent by our guide to this one restaurant where HALAL food was available and we had to view the mountain and the surrounding area from there (business tactic). And there was also a "musolla" (praying room) so this was the only choice we had it seemed. The rice with variety of dishes plus fruits and tea cost us Rupiah 60 000 each which I felt should be reasonable for tourists like us. 

OMG! The mountain had disappeared!

We still enjoyed our short stay there, it was a chance for us to relax and unwind for a short while after walking and sitting in the car for hours.