Saturday, June 29, 2013


24-28th June ~ When I thought the first course was the last one, suddenly there was a letter from Institut Aminuddin Baki (IAB) inviting me to attend the intermediate Arabic language course which should be the continuation of the one I had attended two years earlier. The same place was chosen again: Genting Highlands; and I was there a month ago but for a different reason.

This time, there were only eleven participants - the least number of people participating in a course, ever. There were only three people who came from the first batch and the rest were from other cohorts. 

our lecturers

The session was basically divided into two: the Arabic Language Curriculum and learning the Arabic Language itself. For the first part, participants were briefed on issues like class observation, school-based assessment (PBS), constructing module for classroom, and innovative ways of language teaching. The more challenging part for people who have very little background of Arabic language, like me, would be learning the grammar of the Arabic language. I must say, for foreign language learners, it is not an easy language to learn - without hard work and determination.

my classmates

group activity
After five long days, it was time to leave the institute. We had a short closing ceremony at the end of the class so as to thank the organizer and lecturers for all the input given throughout the course. We tried to conduct the session in Arabic, actually by reading the scripts that had been prepared earlier. Luckily there were other participants who were real good in the language and were willing to help.

the master of ceremony, prayer reciter and
group representative delivering a speech

speeches from the lecturers

the (few people in the) audience

prize-giving session

group photo in the classroom

the ultimate group photo

I guess I have to put more effort and discipline to learn the Arabic language, the language of the holy Koran. 

 [Man Jadda Wa Jada]
translate: determination is the key to success