Saturday, June 22, 2013


One bad thing about going on a guided tour in China is that tourists would be forced to visit local factories/outlets, regardless of the fact that many would not be interested to purchase the items being promoted. When we were in Suzhou, we had to go to the silk factory. Lucky enough, it was just a small one and it did not cater international visitors as people there did not speak English. So we just walked quickly and saw the exhibits and nobody bought anything. By the way, it was prohibited to take photographs there but our tour guide said it was alright as long as no one saw us.

the traditional weaving machine

the cocoons

the emperor's silk robe

the silkworms

the accumulated silk thread

our tour bus in Suzhou

The other factory that we went to was the jade outlet but when we were ushered to the room for a glass of tea to listen to the briefing, my friends managed to convince our guide that we would not be able to understand a single thing as it was in Chinese, we were allowed tp leave the place for the train station.

Read about my visit to the silk factory in Beijing HERE.

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