Saturday, June 29, 2013


The very last spot we were taken to was a water village but it was more like a cultural village as there seemed to be no one residing there. I didn't even know the name of that place, actually. Despite my effort to google for information, I failed. All the places in Suzhou looked just the same to me on the web.

We first went to watch a cultural performance where a man and a woman were singing a traditional Chinese song while playing string instruments.

After that we just walked around the place and took pictures. Actually we did no get our lunch as the Muslim eating stall we had gone to earlier was under renovation, so we actually were quite tired and hungry.

Then it started to rain. So we went to the shops selling locally made souvenirs to get shelter. In the shops, sometimes there were people doing demonstration on how some work of arts was produced.

catch of the day - an embroidered painting

Finally, we went on another boat ride on the canals which then took us to the waiting bus by the roadside. When I was on the boat, I had a short "conversation" with a friendly man. After telling him that I was from Malaysia, he mentioned and repeated "MAHATHIR" and that showed how our leader has become a prominent figure among the locals.

That was the end of our short trip to the small town of Suzhou. Everything was a contrast to what we had seen in the metropolitan city of Shanghai but I liked it.