Monday, June 24, 2013


On the 22nd June 1993, 20 years ago. I went to report at SMK Gelang Patah, Johor Bahru, and was officially called "Cikgu" (teacher), up until now. And I am still surviving.

These are just a few pictures of my very early year of service in that school. Long, long time ago, compact digital camera was not invented yet, so there are not many photographs that I can find. 

I have vague memories of this time and sadly, I also have lost contact with all my students there. (I can't even remember their names.) One possible reason could be I was transferred to a brand new school, SMK Taman Universiti, the year after and as modern inventions, like internet and mobile phone, had not yet existed, so everything ended just like that. I should start searching for them on Facebook once I could remember a few names.

the form teacher of 3 Pluto 1993

the librarians

English Language Society - with Puan Sumiati
who is now with me in SMK Taman Universiti

a visit to the Johor Royal Palace

a camping trip with Kelab Kembara
So far, I am quite happy with my life as a teacher. I had the intention of venturing into another career path during the earlier days, but I think I still can cope with what I am doing now. Although there are more challenges and new things to learn and implement, I am not planning to go anywhere else, for the time being (as if I have many other choices).

To all my friends from UPM's TESL class of 1993 who are still stuck in school, happy 20th teaching anniversary. There's still a long way to go *sigh* but I know, we will always try to be the best teachers for our students.

"I am a teacher and teaching is no longer a profession. It is my life."