Friday, June 7, 2013


The next venue that we went to in the evening was the well-known Nanjing Road. It is a long stretch of road with rows of shops and malls by its left and right side - starting from Nanjing Road East up to Nanjing Road West. Wikipedia describes this road as "one of the world's busiest shopping streets".

We were tired of walking so we went on a ride in one of the commuting trains that connected the east and the west. A passenger would be charged 5 yuan.

There was also a group of elderly ladies performing some sort of dance outside the mall. There were a lot of similar activities along this stretch of road when we went there a few times. I will post the videos recorded during the routine which I found quite entertaining.

WARNING: There would be street vendors who would approach you and try very hard to sell their merchandize that they carry with them like toys and wheels that could be attached to your shoes. Just say "NO" politely but if you are interested to buy, you will still have to bargain for the best price. Then, there are people who will come to you trying to sell (imitation) bags, watches or shoes but if you agree to do any business transaction, you may have to follow them somewhere. And lastly, there will be individuals offering massage service by beautiful ladies. They even have the photos of these women in their mobile (smart) phones for people to choose. 

NEXT: The brightly-lit Bund and Pudong at night.