Monday, June 17, 2013


For people planning to visit Shanghai, you have to watch this world class circus performance. The cheapest ticket cost 140 yuan (about RM70) but it was worth every single yuan spent. It was a Friday, we were among the early birds so we had a lot of time to pose outside the circus building first.

day view

After some time, almost all the seats were filled by the audience, both local or foreigners. Too bad, photographing and video-recording were not allowed at all so people could buy the DVD of the show outside the hall once the performance was over.

There were various actions put on display. The balancing acts would include a man balancing plates and bowls on hands, feet and head, while the other one was throwing and catching huge ceramic water containers on his back. Then we saw contortionists who could bend their bodies which normal human beings could definitely not do. The acrobats would be jumping and flying in the air, and a couple who were hanging and swaying around and across the circus ring holding on to each other, or to a piece of cloth hanging from the roof, stole everyone's heart - maybe because of the romantic mood it created. The highlight of the event was the one where six people were riding motorcycles at high speed in a steel globe and the audience were holding their breaths waiting for them to crash with each other and die.
curtain call
We enjoyed ourselves tremendously there and no one dozed off and snored although we had been out and about since morning. If I had the chance, I wouldn't mind going back to watch the same performance again.

the steel globe in which daredevil riders would put 
our "mat rempits" (illegal road racers) to shame

the artists helped to sell the company's products after the show

night view

Circus nowadays is full of drama. I like that.