Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The first tourist's spot taken was the "Lion Grove Garden". It was a traditional Chinese garden with its oriental architecture, rock gardens and ponds. The guide spoke little English and he tried to explain some things to us during the early part of the visit. The rest of the time was spent exploring the place on our own. The place was quite small though.

We were told that those who touched the metal lock would be lucky. I touched it and I had a strong feeling that I was lucky and would come again to Shanghai in the near future. :)

This empty square on the wall should actually act as a painting. Whatever you see in it, that is the picture that should decorate one's house. Brilliant idea for those who do not spend more buying a painting for home.

The place is called Lion Grove Garden as there are many natural stone sculptures/formations that have the shape of lions in its rock gardens.

This garden is now one of UNESCO Heritage Sites, due to its historical background. Read more about this serene garden HERE.

There were people selling colourful fruits outside the entrance. However, according to our guide, he would not encourage us to buy some of the fruits as artificial colouring was used. No wonder they looked extraordinarily bright and shiny.

NEXT EPISODE: River cruise on the canals around town.