Saturday, June 15, 2013


We were fortunate enough when the people we met at the mosque recommended this Muslim restaurant so we went there in a rented (illegal) cab/van. I was glad to see smoke rising from under a big umbrella where someone was barbecuing meat outside the shop from a distance.

The restaurant was located at 70A Zheijiang Road. One difficult thing a foreigner might encounter here would be the language barrier. The people here did not speak English at all so without our friend the translator, things would be a bit difficult.

On this stretch of road, there were other Muslim shops. Three shops beside the restaurant were selling bread and halal meat.

Our selection for lunch: mutton sate, meatballs soup and mushroom. The sate (barbecued meat on bamboo stick skewers) were definitely something to die for. It was very well marinated, had no mutton smell at all and you could taste all the spices blended and were absorbed by the meat. The meatballs that floated on the soup filled with "so-hoon" (a type of Chinese noodle) were  also delicious,

We had this special drinks, something like tea but with different types of ingredients like rose petals and "longan". The waiter just poured hot water in the glasses that were already filled with all the ingredients and the drinks should taste better when it was hot.

everybody wants to be a food critique

the girl cashier

my friend with a pretty girl outside the shop

Christina had to leave earlier so we were left on our own to find our way to the Metro station. The people at the restaurant were not helpful at all. Lucky enough, there was one Malay man who was eating there too and he was actually undergoing a course in Shanghai. He was kind enough to walk us to the nearest point where we could take the Hop On-Hop Off Tour Bus. Too bad I cannot remember his name  but from the brief conversation that we had, he is attached with the Ministry of Health and is working in Sultan Ismail Hospital in Johor Bahru (what a small world).

We went to two other Chinese Muslim restaurants in Shanghai. More review coming soon.