Sunday, September 29, 2013


From the novel that you have read, write about an ending of the story that is important/interesting/you like and give reason to support your answer.

[NOTE: the content could also be used to answer question for an important/a significant event]

In the novel "The Railway Children", the ending when father was reunited with his family is the one that is the most important.

One day, Bobbie went to the station to fetch a heap of old magazines from Perks the porter. She stopped to rest on her way home and read a piece of newspaper that was used to wrap the magazines. Suddenly, she saw the news of how his father was actually put in jail for 5 years as he was suspected to be a spy.

Bobbie became extremely sad. Mother realized this when she went home and asked her about the matter after tea. Bobbie told her how she found out about father and then only mother told Bobbie how father was framed. Mother asked her not to tell Phyllis and Peter about the news.

Bobbie agreed so as not to make matter worse. The only thing Bobbie could do was to write a letter to the old gentleman. She was asking him for his help to find out who the real spy was.

One morning, something strange happened. When the children were waving to the passengers, everybody in the train waved back at them - hands, handkerchiefs and newspapers, and smiling faces looked up at the children on the fence. When Bobbie went to the station, everyone was having newspapers in their hand, and waving and smiling at Bobbie. When the 11:54 train arrived, three people came down: first, a woman with three boxes of chicken; second, a woman with a brown suitcase and third, her father. 

This event is important because it proves that father was not a spy after all. Mother and the children were reunited with father, and thus, would end their suffering.