Sunday, September 8, 2013


Thursday, 5th September ~ I was invited to conduct a seminar for form three students of schools from Pontian district. However, I was given the task of explaining the do's and dont's of Paper 1 and Section A of Paper 2. Most of the time, I would just focus on Paper 2 when asked to give a talk. So I had to come up with a different practice module that could be used by the students throughout the session.

The venue chosen was the lecture hall located at N24 building in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia - comfortable and could accommodate hundred of students at one time.

There were about 500 students attending the programme. I was glad that I had come up with a practice module which required them to answer sets of questions taken from past years' PMR examinations. They were all very attentive and cooperative and I hope they would benefit from this 2½-hour slot.

with Puan Sabariah, the teacher in-charge

And I must declare the food that was prepared for the teachers was so far the best I had ever had for any seminar or talk given. I will not hesitate to come again next year if they are going to have food like this.

Good luck to all the students for the coming PMR examination and may you pass the English paper with flying colours.