Thursday, September 26, 2013


This movie contains a lot of shooting, fighting, kicking, bomb exploding, chasing, running, shouting, cursing, speeding, etc. One word to describe: VIOLENCE in capital letters. At the same time, the plot is a bit confusing (for me). Two people, one a DEA (drug enforcement administration - I have to google for this) officer while the other one a navy man, who work together to rob a bank. How suddenly they become partner in crime is not clear and why the CIA or the Navy would want the money of a drug dealer king, I am not sure. And the confusion continues right until the end.

But if you are a Matt Damon or Denzel Washington die-hard fan, then you should watch this movie and get ready to be intoxicated. Still, you have been warned - not suitable kids or those who are not matured enough for this kind of genre.