Sunday, September 1, 2013


SATURDAY, 31st AUGUST ~ The first open house was held by Puan Siti Adaniah Sarimin at Taman Universiti, which was also an "aqiqah" event for her youngest boy. As expected, there were colleagues who just came back from attending wedding reception of another colleague (refer to my previous post), and a few form one students who came to help.

The second open house was done by Puan Jainah Baharuddin at Taman Mutiara Rini, fortunately it started a bit later than the first one so there was time for food to digest. I met more people from school here and a group students from another open house held by their classmate (and the report is not yet posted).

I hereby declare 31st August as the Eat-All-You-Can Day. Miraculously, I had managed to be at one wedding reception and five open houses in one day. Next entry: my students' open houses that I attended on the same day. *sigh*