Saturday, September 7, 2013


Tuesday, 3rd September ~ A briefing for teachers who are involved in sports at district level was organized by the Johor Bahru District Education Office. The session was held at Goodhope Hotel, Skudai and I met my friends who were with the Johor Bahru Chess Team.

Other than the briefing that was delivered by the district's Education Officer, the teachers were also presented with certificates of appreciation for making Johor Bahru district the overall champion at the state level for three consecutive years, if I am not mistaken, or is it more than that?

The moment everyone was waiting for would be the time to savour the refreshment that was served at the hotel's coffee house. Based on the food that was served it was like an afternoon tea session but I believed people had a higher expectation of what they could eat as the event was held in a hotel, and not in a school canteen. Well, we won some, we lost some. We at least had a comfortable place for the event.

we were the only group with this pose

with my colleagues and the officer from PPD JB

Thanks a lot and congratulations to the organizer for making this a significant event. After being involved in sports, particularly chess, at the state level for a very long time, this was actually the very first time such an event was held to appreciate what the teachers had done for the development of sports. Hopefully we can still have similar function next year.