Monday, September 23, 2013


21st September ~ I was invited to the launching ceremony of Alisyah Travel and Tours. The reason: The managing director is one of my family friends, and the office is actually quite near to my house, at Taman Putera, so there was no reason not to attend. Basically what I did there was to eat and chit chat with a few people that I knew.

pamphlets for promotion

Qur'an class

my childhood friend

the managing director

The company is organizing "Umrah" trip to Mecca and many other religious-related activities, like "waqaf Al-Qur'an", "Badal Haji" and "Qurban". So if you are interested to join the group for the next "Umrah" or other matters, please call the above number or e-mail the managing director for further information.