Monday, September 9, 2013


Saturday, 7th September ~ This was neither an open house for Eid nor a wedding reception of an ex-student. I was invited to the house of Mr. Shaarin, the father of my ex-students, who would be leaving for his pilgrimage soon with his wife. This is another common practice in community for people to bid farewell to those who are going to perform their "haj" and at the same time to wish them well and ask for forgiveness (and to forgive in return).

There were the three siblings: Nisab, Husni and Asyraf, who accompanied me while I was enjoying my food under the tent, but they were either too shy or too full to eat again.

I couldn't stay that long - there were still many people arriving and at the same time, I had to go to another supposedly open house. Let's pray for a safe journey for both Mr. Shaarin and his wife to Mecca and back to Malaysia, and InsyaAllah (with God's will) we will see each other again later.