Monday, September 2, 2013


Saturday, 31st August ~ Every time when a student approaches me to invite to his open house, I could see there is some sort of hope in his or her eyes. Therefore, I would try my best to attend any invitation if I am free or the timing is right. So on all this Eat-All-You-Can Day, I went to three houses but there was no regret at all.

The first one was at Kampung Melayu Kangkar Pulai. I was invited by Maghfirah, my form 2 student, whose elder sisters and brother are also my ex-students: Sakinah, Khaulah and Huzaifah. And this was not my first time there. The open house was also held for his parents who will be performing their "haj" soon.

The next one was in Taman Universiti. Similar to the first open house, almost every child in this house was or is still studying in my school. The two Amiruls are in form 1 and form 3, and there's another sister in form 5. And I got the chance to meet Dyana who just came back for a short break. She is now pursuing her doctoral degree in Japan. The last time I went to her house for the same reason was when she was still in form 5 quite a long time ago.

And FINALLY, the last house of the day, was located at Taman Impian Emas. The invitation came from Dr. Jalil whose son, Rezza, is studying in form 2. Again, with me knowing Dr. Jalil and his other children who were in my school before, it was quite difficult to turn down the invitation.

There were also other students, and an ex-student, a parent of my student that I recognized and two colleagues with their husbands so everything was alright. And the only food consumed at the last open house was just a piece of cake and I truly hope I can still fit into my trousers by Monday.

So that was it - definitely one long day of eating, and meeting people and chit-chatting. I am glad that I had taken quite a number of photos throughout the day. I definitely had to move a bit and that should provide some sort or exercise for me. 

5 more days before Eid comes to its end, I don't think there will be other open house to attend after this. That should be a big relief.