Friday, September 20, 2013


I have to confess something here. I went for a movie marathon on a Wednesday night with Mr. Sharudin Mazlan but I had no regret. Right after "Grown Ups 2", we marched into the same hall for the next show: "Kick Ass 2".

This movie is the sequel to the one that was shown three years ago. So it is basically the continuation of the first one and it was not surprising that the movie was still dense with violence, verbally and physically. I have a feeling the person who is working at the censorship board is: (1) someone who does not really understand what the whole movie is about, or do not understand the dialogues spoken by the characters; (2) someone who is more liberal; or (3) someone who is confused of what he/she should be doing as there will be too many parts that will need to be cut, and in the end, he/she does not do anything at all, or else there will no "Kick Ass 2".

Having watch the first movie, this time it made more sense. Despite the violent actions and curse words in abundance, it was a comedy actually but was meant for adults. You have to be matured and more open to appreciate and enjoy this kind of genre. There were still values that could be found at the end of the story: friendship, loyalty, determination, courageous, adventurous etc. so it was not that bad after all.

Nevertheless, to all the kids out there, you should watch some other movies like The Smurfs in 3-D and its kind, definitely not this one. You have been warned!