Sunday, September 22, 2013


21st September ~ This should be the last in-house training (LADAP)of the year for the teachers. Again, we congregated at CTL lecture hall in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia for this programme.  I think we should be the regular customer of this place by now.

We had two slots as usual. The first session was conducted by En. Abdul Rahim, an officer from the State Education Department on filing system, writing meeting minutes and related matters. The second talk was delivered by our own teacher, Ustaz Mohd. Rifqi Myddin with the title "Working as Ibadah (translate: good deeds)".

It is not that easy to find people who have the knowledge of the subject matter as well as the skills in presenting the content. However, we were lucky today as we had speakers who were both knowledgeable and effective in delivery. It is very important to make people feel that they have sit through sessions which are meaningful and informative so we will try and find more good speakers for LADAP next year.

NOTE: All the pictures are taken from Puan Yusidah's FB