Tuesday, December 16, 2014


10th December 2014 ~ To kill two birds with one stone, I decided to pay an old friend from college in Seremban a short visit after my 3-day course in Port Dickson. Puan Sakinah Ismail was kind enough to welcome me to her house in Vision Homes. She had also invited two other ex- TESL coursemates and ex-Fourth Residential collegemates, Puan Marina Mahmood and Puan Farah Sabina Safaai, who are aslo residing in Seremban, to have some sort of a mini get together. 

The last time I saw Puan Marina was at her wedding reception in Batu Pahat back in 1994. Puan Sakinah went for a gathering in 2010 in Kuala Lumpur (read here) and met her there while Puan Farah Sabina last visited my house during the Eid celebration this year.

Mr. Azhar Ahmad, Puan Sakinah's husband, who is also an old friend from the same residential college, took a half day off from work because he had to fetch me at the toll plaza and to lead me the way to their home. We were all served with delicious lunch and with all the exchanging of gossip for about 2 hours, I could not ask for more.

Too bad I could not stay longer as I had to rush back home to Johor Bahru.  It is always a pleasure to get to see old friends once in a while as we are all (or rather, I am) separated by the distance. Thanks a million to Puan Sakinah and Mr.Azhar for the warmth and hospitality. Hope to meet you again some other time in the near future.