Saturday, December 6, 2014


This was the hotel I checked into last June. I was given a FREE stay because the airline did not inform me of the change of time to the flight to get me to Tokyo. Hence, I was stuck at the airport for more than 12 hours. Luckily I went to the airlines counter to ask and had no idea that I would be eligible for free accommodation. But still, I had to make amendment to the hotel reservation in Tokyo, which meant I would only check in a day later and had to pay a penalty for that.

Sama Sama Hotel is attached to KLIA main terminal building and I must say, it was too luxurious for me. And the free accommodation came together with free buffet lunch and dinner too. For once, I had the chance to experience living like the rich one. There is always a blessing in disguise. I will have to wait for another blunder made by an airlines company again to get to stay here one more time.

OMG! My name appeared on the TV screen!