Thursday, December 4, 2014


3rd December 2014 ~ I got a short message service from an old classmate from SMS Muar asking me out for dinner which I promptly obliged. The last time I met Mr. Abdul Razak Sapian was three years ago when I visited him at International Islamic University, [read about it HERE, HERE and HERE] which is not that bad. He is here for a seminar thingy that will be held at KSL Hotel.

Since he had had not lunch (not dinner), so I decided just to stop at LC Catering Restaurant which is very near to the hotel. So we sat there, enjoyed our food and chit-chatted for about one hour and a half. I wished we could stay longer for more gossip but someone had to wake early the next morning.

I just hope to see him some other time in the near future, or will it be another 3 more years? *sigh*