Friday, December 26, 2014


I am glad that a stream of old friends, i.e. my ex-coursemates of the TESL UPM group were here in Johor Bahru for reasons like going to Legoland, or Universal Studio Singapore, or some other personal matter. I took the opportunity to play host to them at least by taking them to some well-known eating places for distinguished local delicacies in town - and the focus this time: Kacang Pool, besides other food like Murtabak and Laksa Johor. The meeting time was always not that long but it was still good enough to exchange gossips and update some missing links in our lives that we are all staying far apart.

24th December:
Puan Zanariah Abdul Syukor,
Kuala Lumpur

23rd December:
Puan Maslinda Mohd. Dahalan and family,
Kuala Lumpur

22nd December 2014:
Mr. Fairuz Leman, Kuala Kangsar

21st December 2014:
Mr. Mohd. Azman Awang, Rembau

23rd November 2014:
Puan Shamsul Niza Shamsuddin,
Kuala Lumpur

I hope to see you all again and some other people when you come down to JB some other time.