Friday, December 19, 2014


I managed to see three old friends from school, i.e. Sains Muar School, on two separate meetings at different places.


10th December ~ Thanks to Whatsapp, a short meeting was set right before I drove back home to Johor Bahru from Seremban. The last time I met this particular ex-classmate was 28 YEARS ago when we were in form 5. I was glad to meet Puan Nor Azura M. Ali after disappearing for such a long time and hopefully we could meet again with other classmates for a longer chit-chat session.


11th December ~ Another meeting was planned before I flew to Ho Chi Minh City. Two ex-schoolmates who are married to each other, Mr. Mohd. Asif Talib and Puan Adura Adnan fetched me at KLIA and took me for breakfast at KLIA2.  Mr. Mohd. Asif was also my classmate and dormmate when I was in school. The last time we met was during the Eid celebration when they came visiting but that was a very long time ago - I could not even remember when. However for one thing, I am quite sure Facebook was still a non-existence at that time. Too bad I had a flight to catch so there was not enough time to gossip.

Thanks to all my friends for all the time spent (and the treat too). At this age, some people (like me) are excited to meet old friends from school or college. I am expecting to meet a few ex-coursemates next week. *yeay*

"You can make new friends all day long,
but you can never make an old one."
~ Julie Jameson ~