Monday, December 1, 2014


This was the hotel we were staying in throughout the trip for 4 nights. Sathorn Saint View Hotel was located a bit far from the city (actually I am not sure which part of Bangkok was the city centre) and this could be a criterion in choosing a cheaper hotel.

We managed to secure this room only on the second night. We were given a lousy room when we arrived (most probably because we checked in late). However since we were already asked to move to a better facility, so all was already forgiven.

This place was located in a Muslim neighbourhood so there was a mosque, a religious school and a Muslim cemetery nearby. The best part was halal food was in abundance but I managed to buy breakfast only once as were out early and went back late almost every day. It was also located near Surasak train station so moving around Bangkok was very easy.

before checking out

These are the street hawkers selling halal breakfast in the morning somewhere near the hotel.

you could eat barbecued chicken for breakfast

There are thousands of other hotels in Bangkok so you could choose one according to your budget. This one was suggested by one of the members of the Facebook group called Backpackers' Buddies  Malaysia (BBM) when I posted in the group page trying to get the information about accommodation in Bangkok.

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