Monday, December 15, 2014


Home sweet home! I survived a 5D4N solo travel to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I was having doubt of going after purchasing the flight tickets. There was this incident involving fans that took place at the stadium in a football match between Malaysia versus Vietnam. Then, there were too many negative reviews that I read on the internet from people who had visited Ho Chi Minh city.

Anyway, that should not stop me from traveling. I must say here I was very happy to meet kind and nice people on the roads. Nobody turned me away when I was asking for directions to certain places, day or night, when I was exploring the city. The people at the market and night market could be a bit aggressive at times so you don't have to go there if you are really not interested in doing business with them. This kind of thing happened to me when I was in other touristy cities like Beijing and Istanbul so that was not something new.

Basically I went on tour trips to places like the Mekong River and Chu Chi Tunnel. I visited a few of the city's prominent landmarks and museums. And I managed to watch the famous Water Puppet Show and an acrobatic show at the Opera House in the evenings which made me very happy indeed.

There will be many photos and stories to share. I will post them later definitely.

That should conclude the travels that I have done this year and it is now time to see where are other places that I could go next year.

The school meeting will start tomorrow morning and I am so NOT ready for work.*sigh*