Friday, February 20, 2015


19th February 2015 ~ I was invited to a "tahnik" ceremony for the newly-born, the son on Mr. Khairul Nisab Shaarin at his parents' house in Taman Universiti. His family has become family friends by now. I was there quite late so I missed the exciting part of it all and was there to enjoy the food.

with the proud father

"Tahnik" is an Islamic ceremony of touching the lips of a newborn baby with honey, sweet juice or pressed dates.During the times of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), Muslims would bring their newborn babies to him and he would perform "Tahnik" upon them. [Wikipedia]

As usual, there was Mr. Amirul Husni, Mr.Khairul Nisab's brother and a few ex-students.

Congratulations Nisab on the arrival of the new family member.

We, however, still miss someone we love dearly so much.

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