Monday, February 23, 2015


Friday, 20th February 2015 ~ As I could not meet an ex-student from SPM batch 2013, Mr. Ng Ching Khai, for our annual well-wishing and gifts-giving session for Chinese New Year, so we set a date to meet on the second day of the festive season. It was kind enough of his father to drive him all the way to Aeon Tebrau City. The mall was full of people and most of the eating outlets were fully occupied so we had to settle for Secret Recipe and managed to secure a table for two.

full house

It was a short meeting over (honey lemon) tea and we had to bid our goodbyes. Good luck Ching Kai in your new college in Kuala Lumpur. Hope to see you again when you come back for your semester breaks.

Then a surprise awaited for me as I was descending down the escalator. Two ex-students who are siblings were working as part-time promoters at a booth on the ground floor. It was a small world after all. Thanks Ms. Sakinah and Ms.Ainaraihan for the extra special offer given for the coffee packets bought as well as the extra coffee sachets to bring home. :)

And the last date of the day was with Mr.Syazwan who came back for the polytechnic's mid-term break. To avoid the crowd like what I had encountered earlier in the afternoon, we just met at Kenny Roger's Roasters in Tesco Tebrau and we were the last two people eating in the restaurant.

That was how I spent the third day of the CNY break. And I am not complaining.

And more people to see after this...